8 Reasons Why Aver is the Go-to Place for Sports and Prediction Trading on the Blockchain

With mainnet launch on the horizon, here are 8 reasons why there is no other place for sports event traders and prediction market lovers than Aver.

Aver is for the community and is built to be better. Innovation never sleeps…

1. More Competitive Spreads and Value Trades Available

Spreads and implied vig are simply terrible with most bookmakers, exchanges and prediction markets. It’s hard to win when the margins aren’t in your favour. Aver is designed to facilitate more competitive pricing and much narrower spreads as liquidity grows. Which means better value trades and a better scope for value bets and making profits.

2. Lower Costs and a Fee Model Aligned to Traders

Unlike other platforms, Aver collects a commission based only on a percentage of profit in a given market. That’s right, the protocol only takes a fee when you make a profit. So, you can trade without paying any fees, unless you’re winning. Blockchain transaction costs are as low as $0.001 on Solana, and Aver’s protocol fees are a fraction of that on traditional betting exchanges.

3. Non-custodial and No Fund Lock-up

Your funds-at-rest are never held on Aver. Only those required to back a position are held — and even then, no organisation or individual has control of them — they’re in a smart-contract governed escrow. Never experience fund-lock-up ever again or delays in receiving your funds.

This means you can easily move funds between Aver and other decentralised apps or move it immediately back to an exchange to trade or use elsewhere. If you’re particularly cost-of-capital conscious, any funds not tied up in a bet can be earning you a yield on other DeFi applications.

4. No Lengthy Account Setup or Hurdles

That’s right, there’s no delays or lengthy account setup processes. You trade directly from your Solana wallet, letting you get into action that much faster. All you need is $USDC and $SOL.

Your wallet’s interactions with the DEX are all recorded on the public blockchain — and Aver makes it easy to interpret and display this information — so you can track your account balance, orders, trade history, live positions and past trades — allowing you to manage your trading effortlessly.

5. Greater Flexibility Over Your Orders

The Aver platform gives you the flexibility to choose between simplicity and control over orders. Limit and market orders, price precision, display in the odds and size formats of your choice are all available — making your trading experience that much better.

6. SDK’s for Developers, Algo Traders and Builders

Aver will offer unrestricted and free access to interact with markets programmatically using our Typescript or Python Software Development Kits (SDKs) — develop trading, market making or arbitrage bots with ease or use Aver’s underlying exchange protocol to build your own applications.

Unlike Web2 platforms — winners, traders, developers and builders are always welcome on Aver.

7. Keep Your Funds in Crypto

Already have funds in your crypto wallet? No need to convert them back to FIAT if you want to bet on sports or predict events. Trade with your crypto funds for convenience — allowing you to keep your money on the blockchain instead of paying fees for FIAT conversions.

8. Even Lower Fees by Holding $AVER Tokens

Aver is built for the community and the token holders. Fees will feature a tiering system, where the fees you pay are inversely proportional to the number of $AVER tokens you hold.

The $AVER token will be launched as a Solana Program Library (SPL) token, with more details on the launch and the many benefits coming soon.

What new improvements and product features are you most excited about? Got ideas about how Aver could be even better?

Share them on Discord or Twitter.



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