Aver is 1 Year Old Today!

October 2021 — Aver Devnet Beta MVP at Solana IGNITION Hackathon

The launch of Aver’s Devnet Closed Beta was the first step in Aver’s journey. This marked the first time that participants could interact with the first MVP iteration of the Aver protocol.

November 2021 — Aver wins at the Solana IGNITION Hackathon

Aver was the third-place winner of the DeFi track at the hackathon.

January 2022 — Aver closes a $7.5m Seed Funding Round

In the first weeks of 2022, Aver announced $7.5m in seed funding had been secured.

March 2022 — Aver Launches Devnet

In March 2022, just five months after IGNITION, Aver launched a public beta on Solana Devnet.

June 2022 Aver Mainnet Closed Beta

In June, a cohort of 250 community members were invited to join the Aver’s mainnet closed beta. This marked the first time that participants could use the platform with real funds — an enormous milestone.

July 2022 Aver Mainnet Public Beta

On July 1st — after 8 months of development, iteration and testing — Aver officially launched a public beta on Solana mainnet, making history as the first truly decentralized sports betting and prediction exchange on Solana.

Market Listings

Over recent months, the number, variety and consistency of markets on offer have been increasing. Excluding major sporting, political, economic or crypto events, the following types of markets are currently available for participants to trade on:

  • Economics and Politics
  • Cryptocurrency and NFTs

What’s Next?

Here’s what you can expect soon:

  • Full Platform UI Redesign
  • Several New Platform Features



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