Aver Mainnet Launch — What to expect?

4 min readJun 7, 2022


That’s right — it’s almost time for the future of decentralised prediction and sportsbetting exchanges to hit Solana mainnet!

Since Aver’s successful devnet release in March, the core team has been busy consolidating community feedback and insights and implementing improvements to the protocol and application in advance of the first mainnet launch.

This post is intended to set out how the launch will be rolled out.

1. Mainnet Closed Beta and Devnet Update

Aver’s first foray onto mainnet will be a closed beta, starting from 10 June 2022. A cohort of approximately 250 community members will be invited to join the closed beta by email — this includes:

  • Community members who provided in-depth feedback or flagged issues during the devnet period;
  • Aver Community Rewards NFT holders;
  • Project core team members, investors, advisors and contributors.

On the morning of 10 June, a one-time link will be sent to each of the invitees. This link will grant access to the application and protocol for one device only (so be careful to only open the link via this on the device you intend to use!)

We kindly ask that our closed beta participants please provide any and all valuable feedback to us and flag any issues which arise during this period. We will have a structured feedback form and a dedicated Discord channel, the details of which will be shared in the email.

We will of course be giving away some prizes and bonuses to those who actively participate in the closed beta and help by sharing their experience — in feedback and on social media.

If you believe you should have been included in the closed beta cohort but did not receive an email, please check your SPAM folder. Failing that, reach out to one of the core team members via Aver social channels.

If you’re not within the lucky closed beta cohort, you can still interact with the new and improved Aver protocol and application on devnet, as the application at dev.app.aver.exchange has also been upgraded.

2. Public Beta

The mainnet closed beta period is anticipated to run for 2–3 weeks. The core team will be monitoring the protocol, observing feedback and any issues raised during the period, and propose a date for the public beta launch.

Exact date will be confirmed very soon, but you can expect to see Aver inb public Beta sometime in late-June / early-July 2022.

At this point, Aver will welcome any participants (outside of prohibited jurisdictions) to try out the platform and protocol.

Some trading limits will remain in place to protect participants and reduce risk in the early days, but these limits will be gradually lifted over time.

Community competitions, prize and bonuses will be announced during this period for participation in the public beta.

3. Growth, outreach and incentive program

After the initial beta period, focus will shift to growing the participant base, expanding liquidity on the platform and promoting and increase in the variety and diversity of markets on the platform.

Beta guardrails will gradually be lifted and focus will turn to outreach to wider audiences and bringing more liquidity onto the platform.

Incentive programs, including more information about roadmap and the $AVER token launch will follow.

Important considerations

  • Aver mainnet is not available to individuals based in prohibited jurisdictions, including the United States of America at this time. It is however possible to see the refinements made to Aver by interacting with the devnet version of the platform.
  • The Aver protocol and application remains in active development and has not undergone a full smart contract audit. It is important that participants understand they are interacting with an unaudited protocol at their own risk.
  • Community rules have been put in place to ensure all contributors and participants understand their respective roles and responsibilities when interacting with the platform. When connecting a wallet for the first time, you will be required to read, accept and sign (with your wallet) these rules.
  • Interacting with the mainnet protocol and application requires real USDC and SOL. Profits and losses are real.
  • Trading limits will be put in place for the beta period — to protect participants and to reduce risk while the protocol is first used in the wild. Initially this caps will be USDC 500 per market, but will be raised gradually over time. The cap is placed on the amount of funds a participant ‘brings into’ a market. So for example, it would be possible to place a Back bet with a stake of USDC 500, or to Lay where the liability is up to a USDC 500. Of course, some combination of Back and Lay bets is also possible, until the limit of USDC 500 brought into the market as collateral has been reached.
  • Initially, the number of markets available on Aver is anticipated to be small. This is the nature of the trade-off between variety of markets and available liquidity. The focus of the mainnet beta period if to demonstrate the participant experience and for that reason a small number of markets is preferable. Over time, as liquidity grows the range of markets available at any time will expand.
  • On-chain transaction logs (during both the closed beta and public beta) will be used as a key determining factor in eligibility and entitlement for future rewards, bonuses and $AVER airdrops.




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