Aver Originals — Community Rewards NFTs

1 min readFeb 8, 2022


Aver is launching a first-of-its-kind community membership program. Membership cards will be distributed as NFTs and will give holders access to a number of exclusive perks from the Aver project, including but not limited to:

- $AVER token airdrops
- Whitelist and preferential access for IDO
- Partner airdrops (NFTs and tokens)
- Free wager credits, reduced fees, and other platform benefits upon launch of our DeX
- Merchandise drops
- Beta access to new features

The existence of the NFT within your wallet will be used to identify you as a “card carrying Aver original”.

We will be distributing these cards on a selective basis to active community members, early platform users, and contests. This is an entry into a new class of membership, and we’ll be releasing new cards with new benefits for members over the coming months.

If you’re a project that would like to work with Aver and combine forces to build a bigger community — we’d love to hear from you!




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