Aver SDK Launch — What You Need to Know

What can you do with our SDKs?

When interacting with the Aver protocol, the possibilities are endless. Here are some key use cases for our SDKs:

Build Automated Betting and Trading Strategies

Do you want to build models to predict winning teams and outcomes, or arbitrage between on and off-chain exchanges? Our SDKs enable you to do so.

Build your own Frontend or Application — Leave everything else to the Aver Protocol

Do you have any great ideas for how a sports betting or prediction market application should look and feel? Our SDKs allow you to build one in seconds.

Become the ‘Bookie’ — Plug in your Market Making Strategies

Our SDK’s make it easy to contribute to Aver by providing liquidity and market making on upcoming events. You can do this for Aver Exchange or any other applications built on top of the Aver protocol!

How Simple is it?

Very. Normally, calling a function on the protocol requires several lines of code. But our SDKs keeps it short and simple.

Place Order

Place an order to buy outcome 1 at a price of 0.5 and size of 10.

Cancel Order

Cancel the first order in an array.

Resources to Get Started

We’ve created an SDK Integration Guide for developers to understand how the Aver protocol works and how to build on top of it. The following links will be useful to start with:

Need Help?

Join our Discord server and claim a Developer role in the #claim-role channel.



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