Product Updates Q2 2022: Improvements & New Features

Ahead of Aver’s imminent mainnet launch, contributors have been hard at work implementing platform improvements and additional features.

Many of these improvements have stemmed from community feedback during the devnet launch in March/April — it’s great to see the protocol and platform already being shaped by participants.

Here’s a run down of some of the key improvements and features we can expect to see on mainnet (which have already been rolled out on devnet).

Simplified and Pro Versions of the DeX

As well as giving the ‘pro’ traders the flexibility and control they want, Aver will now offer a new UI which greatly simplifies the process — simplified charting, ‘Back’ and ‘Cash out’ only actions. The same great exchange and one pool of liquidity. Keep it simple.

Cash-out option

Instead of figuring out the size and price you need to trade to take profits or cut your losses, we’ve added a ‘cash out’ option which solves the trading for you.

In the background, the platform does the math on what trade you’ll need to get ‘net-neutral’ on a particular outcome. This option relies on there being sufficient liquidity in the market to absorb your trade, but will execute the ‘cash out’ at the best available market rate in one simple action.

Order-oriented History

The first view in Aver’s devnet launch was based on cumulative exposure to all outcomes in the market, and not on the history of user actions taken (i.e. the bets/orders placed).

We’ve added in the order-centric view that devnet participants and community members seems to prefer. This is built around the concept of viewing your exposures as the history of actions taken rather than on the cumulative net exposures resulting from them)

‘Betslip’ Panel

You can now choose whether you’d like to specify your order in a ‘modal’ (window) or to draft multiple orders in the ‘betslip’ panel.

Two key benefits of the betslip panel:

  • You can prepare multiple orders in parallel;
  • It’s possible to continue to browse and interact with this or other markets while you weigh up or prepare your order.

Past Markets Tab

The accounts tab now features a new view for understanding past markets — i.e. those awaiting resolution, or for which resolution and settlement has already occurred.

It makes it much easier to see how your market proceeds have been paid out and audit the recovery of any SOL tied up in markets.

Fully automated settlement for resolved markets

Post-resolution settlement and recovery of your SOL is now fully permissionless and can be automated. Unlike on many DeFi applications, there’s no need for you to manually collect your proceeds or recover your SOL. This is achieved through a process known as ‘cranking’ where anyone can run a bot to trigger this process — though the logic for who gets paid what is of course fully secure and administered by the smart-contract.

In the spirit of decentralisation, we will be open sourcing our matching and settlement cranking bots so that anyone can run one!

Any profits from the market and any SOL recoverable from your Aver accounts will be automatically returned to your wallet when markets resolve.


A search bar has been added so you can easily find the markets you’re interested in. This will become more and more important soon as the range of markets available on Aver grows and grows.

Still to come…

Some more improvements and feature feedback is still on the near-term roadmap — you can look forward to seeing these on Aver very soon:

  • Notifications and in-app updates;
  • Leaderboards, statistics and competitions;
  • Shareable bets and winnings;
  • Optional username and NFT profile pictures associated with your wallet (for sharing, competing on leaderboards);
  • Continuous expansion on the types and formats of markets offered.

What new improvements and product features are you most excited about? Got ideas about how Aver could be even better?

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