Product Updates Q3 2023: Improvements & New Features

3 min readSep 7, 2023


As we inch closer to the next phase of Aver’s development, we’re continuing to introduce updates that you’ve been waiting for.

These new features are focused on improving both your trading experience and platform transparency!

New Leaderboard

Want to know who’s crushing it in the Aver ecosystem? The all-new Leaderboard is your go-to spot.

Sort by ROI (%), PnL (%), or Volume Traded ($) to see how you’re performing and change up the time frame by selecting between weekly or monthly views.

With the top 3 traders highlighted for your selected timeframe and sorting metric, you now have a 360-degree view of who the top traders on Aver are at any given moment.

To change how you appear on the leaderboard, navigate to account settings — where you can customise your username and select any NFT from your wallet as a profile picture!

That’s not all though. Get ready for regular big-money betting competitions to test your mettle against the best!

Live Trade Carousel

Ever wondered what’s happening on Aver in real-time? Wonder no more.

We’ve integrated a live trade carousel at the footer of the app.

Now, you can see recent trades across all markets, lifetime volume matched, and total value locked, all in one place.

It’s like having a trading pulse monitor right on your screen.

Recent Trades View

Decision paralysis is real, especially when you’re trying to pick a value bet.

To help you make more informed choices, we’ve added a ‘Recent Trades’ view within the trading interface.

Simply click on a market and find the most recent trades placed right beneath the orderbook. For each trade you’ll be able to see the selected outcome, price, stake size ($) and estimated profit ($).

Know what moves are being made so you can make yours.

New Volume Matched View

Hovering over the ‘volume’ indicator on a market will now show you the liquidity availabile on that market!

When looking at the market within the trading view — you‘ll be able to see the volume that has been matched and the ‘liquidity’ remaining in the market.

In the image above, $45 | $3211 means that $45 has been matched, and $3211 of liquidity remains to be matched in the market.

Jump on to to start betting with a state-of-the-art UI!

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