The Brand New Aver Exchange

4 min readDec 3, 2022


Read about Aver Exchange’s new UI — Improvements and New Features.

Following the launch of Aver Exchange’s public beta on Solana mainnet, we’re very excited to unveil a complete redesign of the application’s user interface (UI).

With a complete reskin, and lots of brand new features, it’s time to start trading on the most sophisticated betting and prediction exchange on the blockchain!

Here’s a run down of some of the key improvements and features included in this redesign.

A Brand New Look

Aver Exchange has a new look! The redesigned user interface includes a cleaner aesthetic, improved functionality, and an increase in the availability of data.

Discovery Home Page
Trading Interface
Discovery Home Page (Light Mode)

Explore all that the updated application has to offer and make it your own with personalised design settings.

Look good, feel good, bet good!

New Ways to Connect

For the first time, participants can connect to Aver Exchange via Email or other single sign-on (SSO) portals. Solana wallets are no longer the only way to participate!

Connection Options

As the community grows, Aver will continue to expand support for different user onboarding needs to support demand. Read more about connecting here.

Improved Market Discovery

You spoke, we listened. Introducing Aver’s improved discovery functionality. Read more about discovery here.

From improving navigation menus to updating the smart algorithm powering the search function, we’ve now made it much easier to find the markets you want to trade.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Subcategory Discovery

As the number of markets on Aver increases, your ability to discover new markets improves with it. Our smart search algorithm now includes relevant events and previously resolved markets too!

Search Discovery Page

Detailed Account Settings and History

New account settings allow for greater customization of your betting experience. Toggle between different types of odds, different price formats, light or dark mode, and more!

Read more about configuring settings here.

Account Settings

Tracking open and matched orders, understanding your exposure, and cashing out has never been easier. For settled markets, participants can now export their trade history for greater record tracking and analytics.

Read more about past markets here.

Past Markets

Trading Interfaces — Pro and Simple

We’ve updated Simple and Pro mode — making the application friendly for beginners and experts alike.

Read more about trading markets here.

Simple mode is best suited for beginners or those experienced in traditional sports betting. The interface resembles what users would likely see on a Web2 sportsbook but optimised for the efficiency of trading on Solana. This is a leaner view, with an emphasis on simplicity, and the module showing the option to back (or buy) an outcome.

Simple Mode Trading Interface

Pro mode is best suited for experienced users or those familiar with exchanges or order books. This view has an added level of detail for advanced trading, and comes with a module showing the option to both back (buy) or lay (sell) an outcome.

Pro Mode Trading Interface

Cross Device Functionality

Our community requested improved cross-device functionality and it’s finally here! Updated scalability, faster responsiveness, and the ability to trade on the go efficiently.

Now you can smoothly trade on a wide range of mobile devices, tablets, and computers without worrying about native device support.

Aver Exchange (iPhone 12 Pro)

Coming Soon…

We’re not stopping here — there’s a lot more on the way.

In the coming months we’ll be rolling out the following upgrades:

  • Support for NFT profile pictures
  • Aver Swap, the third trading interface
  • Additional wallet funding options
  • Cross-chain / bridge functionality
  • Separate prediction markets UI

Keep an eye out for these upgrades and more in the near future!

Get on to start trading!

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